Hiring for FoH!

We’re looking for people who enjoy engaging with customers on weekdays and slaying a rail full of tickets in the deli on the weekends!

Previous experience on a food line is great & a griddle is even better. Similarly, previous experience in customer service is also extremely useful. We love to hire locally, so if you think you might be a good fit for the description above, please send your resume and a short bio to eat@detroitinstituteofbagels.com. Thanks!

Opening in the DIB Deli!

Quick-order cooking in a open, customer-oriented environment! Our deli line is exposed, so this is a front-of-house position at DIB. Must have great interpersonal skills, be able to multi-task and offer excellent customer service. Please review the job description here.

If you think you are a good fit and interested in scheduling an interview, please email a brief introduction and your resume to louis@detroitinstituteofbagels.com.

Please note that following the previous two instructions will factor into a candidate’s chances for an interview.

Delivery Driver Wanted!

Our production is growing quickly and we need your assistance to help us get our bagels to our growing customer base. You’ll deliver fresh bagels daily to numerous locations in Detroit and beyond. Please see job description here: Delivery Driver. This is a great opportunity for a student or someone looking for a little side income. If interested, please email a brief introduction and your resume to ben@detroitinstituteofbagels.com. Thanks!