Bagels Price
Plain $1.5 each
Sesame $8.5 for a half dozen
Poppy $16 for a baker's dozen
Salt $22.5 for an office pack
Cinnamon Raisin
Small Batch Bagels
Jalapeño Cheddar $2.5 each
Rosemary Olive Oil (when available)

Office pack includes baker's dozen, two ½ lb. cream cheeses (except lox), knives & napkins

Bagel with... Price
plain cream cheese $3
lite cream cheese $3
flavored cream cheese
strawberry, lemon zest, veggie, scallion, herb, jalapeño, garlic
peanut butter $3
lox cream cheese $4.5
whitefish $5.5
spicy lentil $3.5
hummus $3.5
butter or jelly $2
Bulk shmear Price (half pound/whole pound)
Plain cream cheese $4/8
Flavored cream cheese $4.5/9
Lox cream cheese $8/16
Spicy lentil spread $4.5/9
Breakfast Sandwiches Price
DIB Griddle
Sausage, egg, cheese, Frank's Red Hot & maple syrup
La Colmena
Chorizo, egg, scallion cream cheese, avocado salsa & tomato
Le Rouge
Bacon, egg, goat cheese, red onion marmalade & arugula
Meat, egg & cheese
Choice of bacon, ham, sausage, or chorizo
Avocado, egg & cheese $5.5
Egg & cheese $4

Add avocado or shmear to any breakfast sandwich for $1.5

We use only local pasture raised eggs

Signature Sandwiches Price
Turkey, bacon, avocado, gouda, lettuce, tomato & spicy mayo
Salami, provolone, roasted red peppers, lettuce & Brownwood Kream Mustard
Pepperoni, salami, ham, provolone, lettuce, tomato, red onion, sport peppers, mayo & housemade vinaigrette
Pastrami, Swiss, coleslaw & Russian dressing
Pickled roasted beets, goat cheese, red onions & arugula
Lost Elmo
Roasted red pepper, avocado, hummus, cucumber & arugula
Which Came First?
Pasture raised eggs, mayo & spices

Add two pasture raised scrambled eggs to any sandwich for $2

Fish Price
Lew Silver
Smoked salmon by Acme, lemon zest cream cheese, tomato, red onion & capers
Smoked salmon, two pasture raised scrambled eggs & caramelized onion
Super Nova
Smoked salmon, two pasture raised scrambled eggs, veggie cream cheese & sautéed kale
Tuna melt
Housemade tuna salad (with red onion, celery, mayo, sea salt, black pepper & lemon juice), Tillamook cheddar, tomato & lettuce
Whitefish Salad Sandwich
DIB's smoked whitefish salad, scallion cream cheese & cucumber

Add an ounce of lox for $3

Drinks Price
Coffee $2.5/3
Hot Chocolate $2.5
Hot Tea $2
Iced Tea $2
Apple Juice $2.5
Orange Juice $2.5
Boylan's Soda $2.5
Polar Seltzer $2
San Pelligrino Sparkling Water $2.5
Water $1
Sides Price
made fresh daily
Great Lakes Potato Chips $1.25
New Dill Pickle $1
Fruit Cup $3.5
Cookie $1/1.5